Welcome to my mixes website.
My name is Remco and I live in the Netherlands (IJsselstein).

As a youngster (born 1977), I always liked to listen to music.
In the very early 90´s, a friend and I, were planning on starting a drive in show.
It did not came to that, because of another opportunity.
There was a local youthcentre where friends of use, were taking self defence classes, homework help and so on.
In the past there was also an inpound discotheque, but due to problems with drugs and alcohol, it was closed for over 10 years.

The owners of the centre, had some ideas of starting up the activities again, but now for kids in the ages of 12-16 years.
Me and my friends took this change and started it up. On May 12 1992 was the first disco party.
It was a big success. First it was once every month and later is was every 2 weeks.

We also did some external dance parties at schools and other places.
Around 1997, most of our friends and myself, were busy doing other things, like (girl)friends, work and so on, so we stopped with the disco parties
and handed it over to the next generation.

For me personally it was the end of the DJ activities. Once in a while I did a party of friends, but not more than that.

In 2002 I found a piece of software called Sonic Foundry Acid 3.0. This was the start of DJ Mixedup Megamixes.
I started testing this software and it resulted in "Dancemix of the 90´s part 1".
After that there are several mixes made.

The type of mixes are various. My personal favourites are the 90´s, because that was my active DJ period.

I try to be different than other amateur mixers. I don´t think it´s about the number of tracks used must be as high as possible,
but the way of mixing is the most important. A good transition is the key. Some transitions of more than a minute is no exception.

In the summer of 2014, I read things about Ableton Live, so now I'm trying this software.

The yearmix of 2014 is the first megamix I made with Ableton. Since then, I only use this software.

If you have any questions about me or my mixes, feel free to mail me. Enjoy my work!