Welcome to DJ Mixedup

I'm an amateur mixer from Holland. The music I mix is mainly dancemusic from the 80's, 90's and present.
Most of the mixes are at least one hour.

On this site you'll find more information about the mixes, and when you register you will have access to some exclusive stuff.

Enjoy your stay on my website.


DJ Mixedup




Yearmix 2015

Yearmix 2015



New project

A megamix is in progress

This is going to be a megamix of at least 2 hours. I think!
This mix is something totally different of my previous mixes. This will contain tracks which we call "fout" in Dutch ("wrong"). You will hear a lot of Dutch tracks, but also tracks you might have not heard in a while. Like: Richard Marx - Right here waiting, Tom Jones - Unusual, Elton John - Nikita, Jackie Wilson - Reet petite and much more.

Keep an eye on this website for future info!



After a major hard disk crash, I´ve lost a lot of data including samples.
If anyone has good samples, please contact me, so I can give you access to my ftp for sharing it.